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2018 Maple Acres Updates

     It's that time of year again!  2018 Maple Season has begun at Maple Acres!  With a few warm days (a very few!) last week, tapping began in the frosty woods.  We need a temperature of at least 25 deg. so the tap hole doesn't "split" and allow a leak around the tap. Today,Jan 15th, we are about 2/3 done with tapping, the collection tanks are in the woods and we are hoping to finish the tapping later this week.  Although this day is starting with a new snow fall and very cold, we have hope that we will be close to 40 by next weekend and the season will be off to a great start!


Stay tuned for new updates.  Busy time for us, so we will update as possible!


1-24-18  It's been a busy last few days! Trees are all tapped, ready to do their part.  Just like the start of every season, there are repairs to equipment and lines in the woods.  I will never  look at squirrrels as "cute fuzzy little friends again"! "Tree Rats" is a more appropriate name!  They love chewing on our nearly 14 miles of tubing, which, of course means we are out walking and repairing all those leaks!  Hope to be running well enough by Friday to start cooking!  Wish us luck!


2-9-18  Not very good at updating, I guess!  Weather has just been keeping us from getting much done.  Last year to warm, this year too cold!  We did boil over 5000 gallons of sap between the 24th and 25th, and  then a few hundred mid-week last week.  Since then it's been maintenance work and waiting on some days near 40.  Hope to see those this coming week so we can get back to business!  Made candies today and Bill is bottling some syrup this evening.  

Hope to see you all at the Parkview Field Farmers Market tomorrow!


2-22-18  A lot has happened since the last update.  Lots of sap, lots of mud, lots of long hours!  Not having the best of years, the sugar content of the sap is low, running about 1.6.  This means it takes over 50 gallons of sap to get one gallon of syrup. So while sap volume has been pretty good, it takes so much to make the syrup that we are going to have another lower than average syrup yeild.  We've boiled upwards of 12,000 gallons of sap in the last couple weeks.  Some days better than others. No sap last weekend - too cold. This week with the rain and flooded roads, it's been difficult to get thru to one of our woods.  Trees seem to like it, and this morning we have 1700 gallons to boil. Unfortunately, Bill just came in and said the pump is down in No. 2 woods, which means time from boiling must be spent getting that pump out of the least a 300 foot uphill climb, carrying in a new pump and downhill bringing the defunct one out to see if he can repair it.  Such is the life of the maple syrup producers!

Due to all this, we will unfortunately, not be at Parkview Field this weekend.  Call us (260) 636-2073 if you need syrup, cream etc. !  Thanks for thinking of us during our production season. Remember, when you pour that delicious golden syrup on your pancakes or oatmeal, to be thankful for this natural product!


March 26:: It's over!  Long season, but fairly productive.  Our trees literally "poured their hearts out" the last week or so, but it appears the taps may be drying out, so we've decided enough is enough!  Weather seems perfect for sap flowing, but trees are begining to break bud, so the sap will take on a different chemistry - and a different taste...not good!  The last couple weeks we've made some of the lightest syrup we've ever had. Absolutely beautiful light and delicate flavor.  We are exhausted, but happy to close the books on another year.  Still lots of clean-up to do, but that can wait for another day!

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